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The added value of extra functionality in an alarm system

With an alarm system you can strive for a safe living environment. Often it’s not just a burglar alarm in itself, but homeowners choose to expand their alarm system with extra functionalities.

What are extra features of an alarm system?
An alarm system can be expanded with various functionalities. This is also called home automation alarm system. These functionalities can have a direct connection with your mobile phone. Examples of various extra functionalities are connecting a video doorbell, an automatic door lock, a security camera, a motion sensor or a glass breakage detector.

What is the added value?
By expanding your alarmsystemen with extra functionalities, you can strive for a higher level of security in your home. The extra functionalities are usually not included with a standard alarm system.

You can also fully determine what your alarm system and extra functionalities consist of. For example, do you want a motion sensor but not an automatic door lock? Then this is of course possible. The extra functionalities can be added per part, which means that you do not have to pay for the purchase of an alarm system with all possible extra functionalities.

Possibilities for you
When you become a victim of burglary, it not only has an impact on your sense of security but also costs a lot of money. By comparing quotations you come into contact with several specialists. These specialists from your region will provide you with personal advice and a tailor-made quote for the purchase of an alarm system, with which you can strive for a safe living environment. This is completely free of charge and without obligation. In addition, the specialists can tell you more about the extra possible functionalities for you.