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How do I optimally secure my home?

Belgium now has more than 144 burglaries per day. So it may happen that you are burgled as well. By securing your home properly, you will reduce the risk of burglary. In this article you will find out everything about weak spots in your home and how best to secure it.

How do burglars work?
A burglary usually does not last long. An experienced burglar does not need much time to enter your home. Breaking locks won’t take longer than half a minute, burglars go inside and pack the most valuable belongings. The most common items stolen during burglary are money, jewellery, electronics, keys and tools. When your shed is not properly secured, they will take the necessary tools from you and break into your shed with your own tools. Money and jewelry are an easy target, it is easy to take with you and has a lot of value. If you leave keys lying around the house, chances are they will take your car/bicycle or other vehicles with them as well.

Weaknesses of your property
A house has several places where burglars prefer to try to enter. It is therefore necessary to properly secure these weak spots. The place where most burglars come in is through the front and back door. Residents do not lock the front door 9 times out of 10, which is not smart. Burglars almost always check if someone is at home, they do so simply by ringing your doorbell. When you’re not at home, the burglars will make their move. The back door is often of inferior quality to the front door, so people do lock their back door. However, quality plays a big role and burglars can get in with a simple pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Burglars can enter the house in several places. So it is important to close and lock everything, including your windows, because burglars can easily enter through the windows of the ground floor.

Use of an alarmsysteem
You can secure your home in different ways. Most people assume that they will not be broken into. You can deter burglars by means of a time switch or by regularly having someone visit your home so that burglars think you are at home. The best way to secure your home is to buy an alarm system. An alarm system ensures that your home is secured 24 hours a day and will go off if it takes too long to enter the code. When the alarm goes off, you can even choose to connect the alarm to a control room, so that the police are also aware of the burglary.

Additional components
As mentioned, you can choose to purchase an alarm system. These alarm systems consist of different parts are also for sale with extra alarm system components. You can have everything installed according to your wishes by purchasing extra components. One of these components is a motion detector. This detector detects movement in the house with an infrared signal and sends it to the alarm system. In addition to the motion detector, you can also consider purchasing a security camera, for example. This allows you to keep an eye on what is happening around your home. Potential burglars will also be deterred when they see a security camera.

Reduce the risk of burglary
A burglary affects your sense of security, a burglar has also taken your valuables with him. The average compensation given by the insurance is €1200 while the average material damage per burglary is €2650. When you become a victim of a burglary it not only has an impact on your sense of security but also costs a lot of money.

By comparing quotes for alarm systems you will get in touch with specialists in your area. These alarm specialists will give you personal advice and a tailor-made quote. This is completely free of charge and without obligation. This allows you to strive for a safe living environment in no time